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Cingular Go Phone Refill

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Cingular Wireless Go Phone Cell Phone Prepaid Airtime Minutes Online at CallingMart.com.

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Product Details

Cingular Wireless offers nationwide prepaid wireless services on the Cingular Wireless ALLOVER National Prepay Network. The Cingular Wireless ALLOVER Network gives you more bars in more places, and covers more than 270 million people. With inexpensive new phones and advanced services, Cingular GoPhone holds its own against other providers using its own network but providing cheaper voice minutes. With Cingular Go PhoneYou can access the internet, send and receive picture and text messages, buy ringers and games, and of course talk on Cingular's nationwide network.

Cingular has two different plans to fit your budget!

Cingular Plan 1): $1.00 per day + 10¢ per minute (includes unlimited mobile to mobile calling. The $1.00 access charge only applies on days that you use your phone.)
Cingular Plan 2): 25¢ per minute (Flat rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One simple rate for all your calls.)

Questions? Please visit our Wireless FAQ section or Email us at help@callingmart.com
You may also contact us through the following numbers:
- For order inquiries, please call us at 1-877-6-Get-PIN (1-877-643-8746).
- For technical assistance, please call 1-800-331-0500.

Denomination Minutes Expiration Night & Weekends
$15.00 10/min or 25/min 30 days Not Included
$25.00 10/min or 25/min 90 days Not Included
$50.00 10/min or 25/min 90 days Not Included
$75.00 10/min or 25/min 90 days Not Included
$100.00 10/min or 25/min 365 days Not Included
Text Messaging 5 per message sent or received.
Data Services Web Access & Picture Messaging: $0.01/kb. Downloadable Ringtones, Games, and Graphics (as low as $1.19).
Long Distance Domestic LD included for both rate options.
Features Unlimited Mobile to Mobile: Users get FREE unlimited airtime minutes to any Cingular Wireless mobile user for $1.00/ day access fee.
Coverage Nationwide on Cingular GSM Network.
Carrier Contact Dial 1-800-331-0500 or visit www.cingular.com .
Usage Instructions Add minutes directly through your Cingular phone:
- For GSM phones: PRESS *888* + (PIN number) + # + SEND.
- For TDMA phones: PRESS #20 + (PIN number) + # + SEND.
Or, dial 611 (or 1-877-426-0525) from your wireless phone - a free call. Follow the instructions to add this card value to your account. You can also use 611 to check your account balance.
Additional Info See provider for more details: www.cingular.com.

Cingular Wireless Go Phone Additional Information: Service is subject to Cingular Wireless Terms & Conditions. Cingular GoPhone Airtime is billed in full minute increments. Card expires within 90 days. Unused money is forfeited after the expiration period. Account will be terminated if it has zero balance for 60 consecutive days. This Cingular PIN is not refundable & not exchangeable.

Coverage Map: Please review the Cingular GoPhone coverage map, which shows the scope of your calling area. Map depicts an approximation of outdoor coverage. Map may include areas served by unaffiliated carriers and may depict their licensed area rather than an approximation of their coverage. Actual coverage area may differ substantially from area shown on map, as coverage may be affected by terrain, weather, foliage, buildings and other construction, signal strength, customer equipment and other factors. Cingular Wireless does not guarantee coverage or network availability. Charges will be based on the location of the site receiving and transmitting the call, not your location. Rates apply to calls to and from the Cingular GoPhone Coverage Area. Future coverage, if depicted at left, is based on current planning assumptions but is subject to change and may not be relied upon. Your Cingular Go Phone's display does not indicate the rate you will be charged.

Charges: Cingular GoPhone Airtime is charged in full-minute increments with partial minutes rounded up to the next full minute at the end of each call. Directory assistance is $1.79 plus airtime. Daily access fee for the $0.10 a minute plan is assessed each day you use your phone for voice calls and is debited from your account balance the day after you use the phone. Per-minute charges apply to feature usage, including Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Three-Way Calling and voicemail retrievals. Long distance included within the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam and the Mariana Islands. International long distance rates vary and are in addition to regular Cingular Go Phone airtime charges. A fee may apply to all rate plan changes. Standard airtime charges apply to 800, 866, 877 and other toll-free calls.

Taxes and other fees In many jurisdictions, certain recurring fees or taxes will be debited from your Cingular Go Phone account balance as allowed by law. Other taxes, surcharges and fees apply on top of refill denominations.

Free calls: Cingular GoPhone calls to 611 automated customer service, *777# for balance inquiry text message, and 911 emergency are free of charge. However, calls to 611 for the purpose of making purchases of Cingular Wireless digital content will incur standard airtime charges after a period of time. 611 may not work in all areas. You can also reach Cingular Go Phone customer service by dialing 1-800-901-9878.

Mobile to Mobile: Cingular GoPhone Mobile to Mobile Minutes may be used for calls to or from any Cingular Wireless subscriber when within your Calling Area. May not be used for interconnection to other networks. Mobile to Mobile Minutes are only available if your account balance is sufficient to make a call.

Messaging, Downloads & Media Net: Cingular Go Phone Text /Instant Messaging and MEdia Net are automatically included at no monthly charge. Just pay as you use. You may remove these services at any time by contacting customer service. There is a charge per message sent or received on Cingular GoPhone, whether read or unread, solicited or unsolicited. If you cancel the Text /Instant Messaging service on your prepaid wireless phone, you will not be able to send and receive messages, but Cingular Wireless does not guarantee all incoming messages will be blocked. Cingular GoPhone MEdia Net usage is billed in full-kilobyte increments, and actual transport usage is rounded up to the next full kilobyte at the end of each session. Your Cingular GoPhone account balance must be at least $5 to use MEdia Net, Instant Messaging and Multimedia Messaging services or to download ringtones, games and graphics. MEdia Net usage is required to download ringtones, games and graphics and to send and receive multimedia messages. In some cases the Cingular Go Phone network will resend data packets to ensure complete delivery. You will be billed for these re-sent packets. Certain advanced features are not available. All screen images are simulated. See the MEdia brochure or cingular.com/media/terms for details. Your use of text/instant messaging, multimedia messaging, MEdia Net, and downloads acknowledges your agreement to these terms.

Trademarks: Cingular and the graphic icon, GoPhone and Rollover are rgistered trademarks of Cingular Wireless LLC. Raising The Bar and the graphic icon and MEdia are trademarks of Cingular Wireless LLC. 2006 Cingular Wireless LLC. All rights reserved.

The CallingMart Difference

Instant Delivery Guaranteed. Purchase your PIN online and get it instantly as soon as you complete the order, don't even wait for the email! You will need to click "Return to CallingMart.com" after you submit your order through Google Checkout to get your instant PIN. The PIN is also delivered instantly via email. If for any reason you didn't get the instant PIN online, or the email was delayed up to 15 minutes from the time order was submitted, CallingMart will issue extra 5% of total purchases back to the credit card used in the purchase.

Lowest Prices Guaranteed. CallingMart guarantees the lowest price of wireless refill cards online. CallingMart will match any lower price exists online for up to 7 days from the order date. Customer will just need to send an email to customerservice@callingmart.com with order number and a link to the website that has lower price and a refund with the difference will be issued to credit card used in the purchase instantly upon verification.

Transactions Are 100% Secure. All transactions are processed by Google Checkout to ensure security and confidentiality of customers transactions.

Your Privacy Is Important to Us. Your information is safe with us. CallingMart.com will never share your email address or any other piece of information with any third-party.

Get Cashback with Monthly Volume Purchases. No Inventory, No Deposit, No Contract, No Minimum Commitment, No Setup Fees! Just keep buying PINs as you normally do through our website and we will keep track of your accumulated purchases through the month. We will also notify you with every purchase your current accumulated balance. At the end of each calendar month, we will send you cashback in whatever form you want, either by sending you a check or refunding it back to your credit card. The Monthly Volume Purchases Extra Discount is as shown below::
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