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Purchasing Wireless Refill Cards

How can I purchase wireless refill cards?
It’s easy. First, choose the wireless card name and denomination that you wish to purchase. Click the Google Checkout icon for payment information and order submission.  After you have placed your order, you will receive your refill PIN via email instantly.

Do you also ship the physical wireless refill card?
No. We only send the refill PIN via email.

What are my payment options?
You may use any valid Master, Visa, Discover or Amex credit cards with Google Checkout.

How does Google Checkout work?
After you have selected your desired wireless refill card denomination, click the BUY NOW Google Checkout icon and the sign-up screen will be displayed. You can use your existing Google Account to sign-in if you already have one or you may create a new one if you don’t have yet.  In the registration screen, you simply have to enter your email address, credit card information, and billing and shipping address.  The next screen summarizes your order and when you are ready, you may click the place your order button to submit your order.

After you have submitted your order, sign-in to the email account that you have used in the registration check your email for your refill PIN, calling instructions, promo codes (if available) and order details. That’s it!

How can I be sure my payment transaction is secure with Google Checkout?
Google guarantees that your account information is stored in their secure servers. Your purchase information is encrypted using 128 bit encryption SSL technology and your full credit card number is not disclosed even to us –if you choose to-. Additionally, Google does not share your personally identifiable information about your purchase history to advertisers and other merchants.

Why do I have to provide my shipping address in Google Checkout if you don’t ship the actual card?
One great thing about Google Checkout is that you can use the same Google Checkout account for purchasing goods at other online stores, where Google Checkout is available.  Google asks for your shipping address to complete your payment account registration. This way, when you purchase an item from another online store that requires shipping, your address will be readily available in your Google Checkout account.

Why does my order status appear “Not yet shipped” after I have submitted my order?
Currently, Google Checkout uses standard term “Not yet shipped” or “Shipped” for the item delivery status. With CallingMart, these terms do not mean the actual shipping of the refill card. When you see your item status “Not yet shipped”, it only means that your order is in process of payment information verification.  And when you see that it is “shipped” already, please check your email inbox for the refill PIN email and calling instructions.  

My order status in Google Checkout says my order has been shipped. What does it mean?
When you see “Shipped” status in your Google Checkout account, it means that your refill PIN has been sent to you already via email.  Please make sure to check your  Bulk/Spam/Junk mail folder if you don’t see your refill PIN email and Order Receipt and Instructions.

How do I receive my refill PIN?
You will receive your wireless refill PIN instantly via email.

How long will it take to receive my PIN after placing my order?
You will receive your PIN together with your receipt and calling instructions usually within 1-3 minutes, and not later than 15 minutes from the time you placed your order (If for any reason it was delayed more than 15 minutes, under our instant delivery Guarantee policy, you should be eligible for extra 5% off you order). We process all our orders immediately and deliver refill PINs instantly as soon as we receive credit card authorization from your bank.

I was charged but I did not receive my PIN?
Please make sure to check your Bulk/Spam/Junk folder for the refill PIN email and Order Receipt email. Also, please verify that the email address you used to register is valid and spelled correctly.  If you have verified your email address is correct and you did not receive our emails from your any of your mail folders, please contact us by submitting the Contact Us form in your Google Checkout account or call us at 1-800 314-9862 x 47-945.

What is your return policy?
No Returns or Refunds once the PIN is generated and emailed. Refunds are allowed only if the PIN is defective and unused. Refunds cannot be provided for lost, stolen or expired PINs.


General Wireless Prepaid FAQ

What is a prepaid wireless plan?
With prepaid wireless plan, you don’t have to sign-up for a contract and you don’t have to pay for a fixed monthly subscription fee. It is a convenient and cost-effective solution for mobile users who wish to use their phone based on actual usage and on the budget. Prepaid wireless users load airtime minutes on an as-needed basis and on how much he is willing to spend for a given time.

There are no contracts, no monthly fees, no service tax or any other hidden charges.

How do I activate my phone for prepaid plan?
Every Wireless carrier is different; we send you the refill instructions, along with the carrier toll free number, in the PIN email. You may need to contact your wireless provider on the number we send you for specific instructions on activating your mobile phone for prepaid plan. You can find the wireless/carrier Customer Service contact information in our prepaid wireless detailed product information pages.

I received my PIN but not sure how to load minutes in my phone? How do I recharge minutes for my prepaid phone?
Instructions on loading your airtime minutes are posted in the specific product information pages of our wireless refill cards. Additionally, you will receive the calling instructions together with the refill PIN via email every time you purchase a wireless refill card from us. If you need further assistance on loading your airtime minutes, please call your wireless provider directly for technical assistance.

I tried loading my airtime minutes, but I received an error that the PIN is invalid.
Please make sure that you have entered the correct refill PIN based from your order receipt email. Otherwise, please contact us by submitting the Contact Us form in your Google Checkout account or call us at 1-800 314-9862 x 47-945 for PIN verification.

I got coupon codes/promotional codes online. How do I apply them in my airtime minutes?
We don’t apply the promotional code directly to your PIN when you place your order. But we have provided special instructions on how to apply those bonus minutes/units for wireless refill cards that accept promotional codes. Please check your order receipt and calling instructions email for more information.  If you encounter any problem with loading your minutes or your promotional code, please contact your wireless provider directly for technical support.

When do my prepaid minutes expire?
Airtime expiration varies by wireless provider. Please check our prepaid wireless detailed product information pages for expiration details.

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