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CANADA Local Access Numbers
 Barrie                  1-705-7213025
 Calgary                 1-403-7701074
 Edmonton                1-780-6690141
 Hamilton                1-905-4812010
 Kitchener               1-519-3421122
 London                  1-519-3421038
 Montreal                1-514-9089026
 Ottawa                  1-905-4481494
 Ottawa                  1-613-6888182
 Quebec City             1-418-9482025
 She Brooke              1-819-3401045
 St.Catherines           1-905-2287007
 Toronto                 1-416-9163298
 Vancouver               1-604-6773369
 Victoria                1-250-4830045
 Windsor                 1-519-9680502
 Winnipeg                1-204-4809984

The rates listed for Canada are for Local Access numbers, which cover 90% of Canada.

Local Access numbers are just like regular phone numbers in particular local free 
calling area. 
Please make sure its a free number for you. Otherwise, you may get charged by your 
local phone company (same area code doesn't necessarily mean the number will be free).
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