We have added a new export that lets you export all rates for all cards for any destination available.

The total rate that appears on the website is comprised of two parts: the origination is the rate to call from a country, the termination rate is to call to a country. To calculate the total rate, you will have to add them together. So if you want to calculate the rate to call from USA-Continental to Germany on the Cardinal card, you will have to check the origination for USA-Continental (182) at http://www.pushline.com/export/index.php?tp=card_origination&cc=6 then add the termination rate for Germany (53) that can be seen athttp://www.pushline.com/export/index.php?tp=card_termination&cc=6

The list of country codes can be seen at http://www.pushline.com/export/index.php?tp=country&help=y List of card company (card name corresponding #) is at http://www.pushline.com/export/?tp=card_company&table=y

Rates for PC-to-phone= http://www.pushline.com/export/index.php?tp=card_termination&cc=109 -0.3 (termination rates on Continental minus 0.3 cents)
Rates for SMS Call - http://www.pushline.com/export/index.php?tp=card_termination&cc=109 (just termination rates on Continental)
WebCall - add two legs of the destinations - both will be termination rates on Continental rates table.